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    Young Dom enjoys making a younger faggot choke and struggle on his mean fat man-sized cock.

    I just love that noise, makes me hard. The little faggot also seems to enjoy it!

    Guys don’t cry!

    The moment his face starts to ooze with spit, snot and tears, you know your faggot has crossed over from just sucking your cock to worshiping it. Every gag, cough and sniffle is a sign of his submission and devotion.

    MASTER, YOUR slave lives to worship YOUR GODlike Cock

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    Follow LovelyMasterGER for more SM-Pics of younger guys.

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    Active gay porn blog:

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    Interesting Sex Facts You Haven't Heard Before


    I’ve heard a few of these, not all, huh.

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just got my self registerd


    just got my self registerd

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    General Slave Training - 1 of 3

    I know that feeling well. You’re willing to degrade yourself in hopes of touching HIM

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    Older sub takes spit in his mouth from a younger dom, and then proceeds to sniff the dom’s asshole, farts and feet.  You know that dom likes the way he smells by ordering the sub to “Smell my balls and my ass, bitch.” and then later orders the sub to, “Tell ‘em what it smells like, how it smells, and then what it’s gonna smell like if they was gonna smell it.”

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    Saw this video and couldn’t resist, So I have ordered myself the featured butt plug!

    Can’t wait for it to arrive and try it out, I ordered the large size - hope I can get it in!

    I bought both sizes of that clear tunnel butt plug for myself two weeks ago. I tried this size in my ass and it feels so good. I am working on getting the larger size one to fit now :)

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    This is a very hot piss video. I’m not sure I’d invite the Top to My house, but it’s a horny vid nonetheless!

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